Thursday, September 25, 2014

Science Musuem With Bryce

I really should have entitled it "Bus ride with Bryce," because while the Science Museum was fun, that was the highlight of his day. 

It was an early release day at school today, so Grace invited us to go to the Science Museum to fill the afternoon, and as an added bonus, we would have Bryce ride the bus home with Thomas.

These were two very excited boys when they got off!!

We dropped backpacks and washed hands and took turns using the restroom and we loaded up and headed to the museum.

Now, Bryce has a year long pass, so he has been several times before, but my kids have never been. And, I think the last time I went I was in grade school and we went for a field trip all the way from Lynchburg!

Thomas loves doing anything with his best friend, but I think Gracie may have enjoyed herself the most. She is going to be more like her daddy in this respect. Because, I liked watching my kids have fun, but I wasn't remotely interested in the scientific data that I should have been absorbing ;)

We played for several hours before we had to head home, and our 4 were starting to get super tired, hungry and cranky.  But, it was a fun afternoon.

Thank you Bryce for inviting us and for riding the bus home with Thomas!

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