Monday, September 22, 2014

Who Me?

So many people have been so good to me in this time of empty nest.  I can't thank friends and family enough for calling and texting and emailing and inventing ways to keep me busy and my mind off a lonely and all to quiet house.

And, I have stayed pretty busy...

* I helped stuff bags for the church block party

*I went thrift store shopping with the pastor's wife

*I did coffee (well, hot chocolate, I don't like coffee) with Grace and Emmy

*I grocery shopped all by myself!

And, I know those don't sound like "big" "busy" things, but these do..

I went to volunteer at the church for Shady Grove's portion of the MCEF Clothing Closet, and I got put in charge!  (Not what I planned!)  So, now I go in at least twice a week to organize and sort clothes for kids sized 4T-12 (girls & boys) and whenever I am called in for a need that arises (about once a week so far) for a local family.

Here's my work in progress.  It was in pretty good shape when I inherited the job, but I am putting in some fine tuning in the organization department, and I got a 12 bag donation that will take me days to organize and sort!

And, I started a business.  Nope didn't mean to.  I know that sounds lame, but I didn't!  I promised to put myself out there and try to sell some creations at a yard/craft sale at a local church last Saturday. I sold 5 or 6 hair bows and 2 toddler ties. The other 60 something bows and 15 ties, and 4 dresses all came back home with me! It was kind of embarrassing, but I decided to be proud of myself that I had tried, and made no plans to try again.

How do I have a business then?  It went something like this:


(friend) "If you still have the Cinderella dress, I want to buy it."

(me) "None of my dresses sold. It is yours."

(friend) "How did they not sell--you priced them way too low!!" (She had already complained about this before I went Saturday, and so did Grace!)

(friend) "I showed (daughter) she wants the Rapunzel one. I will buy both"


Friend posts pictures of daughter in dresses and tags me.

(different friend) "I want the Mickey one"

(another friend) "Can you make Mickey in a size 7?"


(friend of friend 1 who posted picture) "daughter wants a Rapunzel like (other girl)"

(me) "Ok, I am making an Elsa one for my daughter before Frozen on Ice, I will get it to you ASAP.

(friend of friend 1 who posted picture) "We would love Elsa, can you make that?"

(me) "Ok"


Met with lady and sold dresses to person I didn't know.


Garren makes me an ETSY store.

(friend) "I want and Elsa for daughter for Halloween, and my neighbor wants the Mickey one."



Congrats Barbara! You've made your first sale—you're in business!

That brings us to today.  Whew. So, now I have a mini business making dresses.  Who knew! I think that might keep me pretty busy (although, it may have been just a fluke and I won't get any more orders).  But, I think I will still make plenty of time for hot chocolate mornings and thrift store shopping and time with those who share their little ones.

Thanks again for caring enough to keep checking in on me.

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