Saturday, February 28, 2015

Big Boy Birthday Party Goer

He went to his first birthday party all by himself!

By himself!!

Gracie hasn't even been to a drop off party!

But, he wasn't about to miss best friend Bryce's birthday lunch party. No way!

Bryce and his parents (and grandparents) hosted Thomas, and 4 other boys at Stevie B's for lunch today.

Clearly they had a great time at his monster truck theme party.

Thomas kissed me goodbye and waved me off when I dropped him off, and he couldn't stop chatting about everything they did when I picked him up.

Grace says that he was well behaved--here's hoping that he really was.

Happy Birthday Bryce!!!

Thank you so much for inviting Thomas, Bryce, it means so much to us that you want to include our boy in your special day!  (And thanks Grace for the pictures--they are great, and you know me well enough to know I would want them!!!)

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