Sunday, March 22, 2015

Daddy's New Ride

Daddy has a new set of wheels.

I would tell you all about it, but really, he is happy so I am happy, and Thomas loves it almost as much as daddy does.

The End.

I know it is a Honda, I know it is a V6.

I know it has 2 doors.

I know it has a stick shifty thing.

I know I have no desire to drive it.

I know that he made sure to not pay any more per month for this car than he did for the last one.

The point is, he's happy.

And, see in the background?!!  I'm happy too, because mama is getting a new living room set. Her VERY FIRST all matching grown up set!!! And, let me tell you, as a mama I am so seeing why plastic slip covers were a thing! I am thinking about sewing up a set so the kids can't ruin my pretty!

I took a picture of it in the store, but then decided not to post it because then you will see how pretty it is supposed to look all arranged and then you might come to my house and see how I so fell short of those expectations.

It's delivery date is April 25th (the chair and sofa were back ordered :(

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Candice said...

Yay for new furniture! And as Elliott and my daddy would say, "That's a car that you put on and wear, and you can feel your butt cheeks scooting along the asphalt as you go."