Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Green Day At School

I got to spend this St. Patrick's Day at school with some noisy little green monsters.  Otherwise known as Thomas' Kindergarten class.

I LOVE that Mrs. Naff allows the kids, and us room moms to celebrate everything possible!  I helped plan a green food tasting, and one of the cutest craft/activities I saw on Pinterest!

Plus, I got to spend an hour or so with my favorite little green guy.

We were able to get them posed for a green day picture, and they gobbled up their green snacks of grapes, apples, peeps, Andes mints, pistachios, and mint cookies.  And, they got green day treat bags that we mamas filled up.

It was a good day!

And, I saw why Thomas thought he was lucky. I asked him who it was that "played with him," and he said "you!"

Love my little leprechaun!

And, I wasn't about to let Gracie's all girl 5th grade class go uncelebrated, so after the Kindergarten special snack Grace and Emmy went with me to drop off a little "green" for the big girls.  They weren't in their classroom, but Emmy was thrilled to find Gracie outside on the playground. I wish I had videoed the run across the field to each other, but I did get a snapshot of the goodbye hug.

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