Monday, March 16, 2015

Moving Woes

Half-way through dinner his world collapsed. He just assumed his best friend Bryce was moving with him. Finding out they wouldn't be in first grade together sent him into a tail spin of long loud sobbing tears mid chicken bite. He has left the dinner table and wants to be alone in his room. My heart physically hurts, and I am not able to hold back my tears for him...or me. Those two have been practically inseparable for 3 years,and he can't imagine a world without his best friend by his side.

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Shipley Mommy said...

Cathy Bishop Naff Oh no!!!! Bless his little sweet heart!! I have an idea......he can live with me!!!! Wait a minute.....all the Shipleys can move in!!!!

Michelle Smith Aww my poor sweet Thomas I can't imagine anything but a smile on that sweet face ... my heart is breaking for you guys let me know if you guys need anything I'm only 4 doors down

Tom-Colette Mozingo Praying for your guys.

Cheryl Fletcher Shipley Sweet, sweet Thomas! Promise him lots of visits and maybe even weekend sleep overs. Tell him Mamaw and Papaw love him.

Michael Terndrup You guys are moving

Patricia Reed Dalton · 4 mutual friends
Poor guy

Janice Edmonds Crabill So sorry Barbara, as a mom we always want to fix their problems, boo boo's and heart aches. My heart goes out to you and Thomas. Hugs & prayers.

Jo Kelchner Poor baby. Start making two albums. One of each little guy to give to the other. This way they will still be able to see each other(at least in pictures). Give him a hug for me.

Jeanne Mason Behne Bless his heart. I always told our kids we were going on a new adventure. I guess it was just Derek. But believe me it will be easier at his age than later on. Our first move Tonia was a senior in high school and Garth was in middle school. That was just like the worst. Derek did great. He was in 2nd grade. Send love and prayers.

Jean Miller Praying for all of you! frown emoticon Hugs to all!!!!

Jackie Fridley Bailey It's never easy to move away from friends, but your children will adapt and make new friends.. and hopefully be able to stay in touch with old friends. I've lived through it many times over the years.

Candice GeFellers Poor little guy!

Sharon Fletcher Bowers Bless his sweet little heart! Will be praying for your entire family!!

Grace Boone Whitlock

DeAnna Brown Morgan Oh I know what you mean!! And you will go through this every year. It's so painful!!! Cody is actually staying on campus at ETSU with his best friend from Kindergarten smile emoticon We were truly blessed with that. But watching them get put into different rooms i...See More

Keri Burkholder Marston Rebecca's BFF moved to Kentucky last year, over 8 hours away! Skype is great and sharing pictures through texts and FB are helpful! Even just talking about her friend and her family is helpful. It is hard, but he will adjust, everyone will adjust. Hugs to you!

DeAnna Brown Morgan After posting that I started wondering if they were getting different rooms or if one of them were moving entirely. I'm out of the loop! If it's an entire move I think I'll go stand in the corner and hush awhile. frown emoticon . However on the bright side he will have a pen pal!!! Growing up I ALWAYS wanted a pen pal. Candice use to send the boys stuff in the mail when they were little...they loved it!

Barbara Miller Shipley Thank you all for the kind words and support. Thomas knew that daddy had a new job and it was near the beach, but it wasn't until Sunday that we had to explain that meant we all had to move at the end of the school year (Bible School came up during chu...See More

Cheryl Fletcher Shipley "When your babies hurt, you hurt." My babies are grown and it never changes. If we can do anything to make this transition any easier, please let us know. Much love to you and your precious family!

Sara Spradlin Howard We can get you into bible school down here (I think middle schoolers are helpers for the younger ones at our church though). Of course,Bryce won't be there

Tonia Behne Ward You know I was much older when we moved and I thought my life was over, yet I have moved many times since and am blessed with all the friends I have made. Maybe y' all could skype, make plans to visit, exchange pictures (do a flat Stanley so he could ...See More