Sunday, March 29, 2015

Palm Sunday 2015

I love Palm Sunday.  Don't get me wrong, then entire Easter season is a powerful and beautiful one, but something about Palm Sunday brings out a great "happy" in me. 

I remember waving the palm branches as a child, and that's significant, since I really don't have a great deal of memories from my childhood that I was able to hold on to (for whatever reason, nothing tragic).

And, there is nothing that makes a mama beam with pride more than watching her child or children front in center at church.  I bubble over with joy when I watch my Gracie and Thomas march down the center church isle waving their palm branches.

So, as you can imagine, I videoed today's "parade," and it got me to thinking about all of their Palm Sundays as we face moving to another place and attempting to find another church in which to rejoice our Savior's resurrection.

I took the past 11 years of photos and videos and added them to a recording of my favorite Palm Sunday in which Gracie and all the choirs at Strasburg United Methodist church sang the most beautiful procession.  I was sad to see that Gracie did not attend Palm Sunday services until she was 2.  I am glad that she has since been in church nearly every Sunday since.

You are welcome to view and enjoy with me.

Happy Palm Sunday

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Shipley Mommy said...

Brenda Smith Chapman I cannot believe how much the kids have grown!! I will always remember sitting a row or so behind you guys and watching Thomas! wink emoticon so cute! and the Gracie! Beautiful Children!!

Ruth Hughes Hoffman Oh, wow! What a nice flashback! Those sure were special days. Happy Palm Sunday!

Jo Kelchner What a beautiful treasure you have created.

Karen Tignor This was such a special gift. It warmed my heart!

Stephanie Kane The video was awesome! I love Palm Sunday too!

Edward Winkler Thanks for posting this--really brought back some memories. I'm glad that you found Shady Grove after Strasburg.

George F. Hoffman Very sweet memories! Thanks so much for sharing!