Sunday, March 22, 2015

Proud Sunday School Teacher

That would be me!

Of course, I am always a proud mama, but today my Thomas made me proud as a fill-in Sunday school teacher.

I took the Pre-K/Kindergarten class this morning while Daddy and Gracie headed to the sanctuary for church.

It is usually just 4-5 kids for the 11:15 service, and that's what we had today.

So, as I was going over the Bible Lesson, Thomas raises his  hand and says "I can read it."

I told him to give it a try.  And, he did--and got every word right!

So, when we finished the lesson and completed the crafts I wrote the Bible verse on the wipe board and let the 3 kindergarteners in the classroom take turns reading it.  They were so proud.  And, I of course videoed Thomas' turn, because I am "that mom."  You can do that when you are the Sunday school teacher ;)

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Candice said...

Isn't it just awesome to actually see what they do? I used to fill in for J's teacher, but now I teach the teens every Sunday.