Sunday, March 29, 2015

Tooth Fairy Strikes Again

Thomas sprang out of bed not too long after he was put in the bed announcing "My tooth came out!!!"

He was proud and excited until he saw how much blood was gushing out--and then he panicked.

He panicked, and cried for quite awhile and mommy and daddy soothed him before he was ready to head back to bed with his tooth carefully wrapped and in his tow truck tooth fairy pillow.

And, with all the commotion, Gracie bounded out of bed and remembered that she had 2 teeth still on her dresser that she still hasn't put under her pillow either (for more than a month!!)

The tooth fairy has her job cut out for her tonight!

Here's the good news: its one of the two teeth that MUST come out before the dentist has to help them come out.  So, keep on cheering for the other one to come out on its own--I know I am!!!

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