Sunday, April 05, 2015

Easter 2015

What a blessed Easter we had in the Shipley house.

And, I got to capture it all on my incredible toy! (can you tell I am in love with my DSLR? I have the most amazing husband for getting it for me after all these years of dreaming!!)

I always make my kids wait for us boring parents before they get to go downstairs and see what the bunny left them, and this year was no different.

The Easter bunny was very good to them, and they were very happy to see all their goodies before I ushered them upstairs to get dressed for church.

Of course, while they dressed for church, I decided last minute to sew a bow tie for Thomas and a matching one for Chewey. Don't ask why I didn't do it sooner--I really have no good answers for that.

Church services were beautiful as always, and I was so thrilled to see they choose a mini brass band this morning to start things off (they used strings the past 2 years and brass the first Easter we attended, and while I love a violin, there is something so impressive about trumpets!)

We stood in line to get our traditional family picture taken in front of the cross. A nice church go-er even offered to take it for me so I could get in there.

Now, we all wanted to continue the festivities--especially with food. For the first time ever, I bought a ham and intended to bake it.  Well, who knew it took 2 hours? Not me.  So, around 3pm we finally sat down to Easter "brunch" out on the deck in the warm sun and cool breeze. It was well worth the wait.

We spent the rest of the sunlight resting and enjoying the day. The kids played outside, I edited pictures, etc.  We let the kids have left overs for a late dinner and watched "Hop" on the DVR while I broke out the glow sticks and large plastic eggs.

Last year I found the fun idea on Pinterest to have a glow in the dark egg hunt and my kids loved it. So, now it is a tradition.

I hid the eggs and told them they could each find 9 (note for next time, kids want to do more than 18 eggs, stock up on glow sticks!)

While the kids were loving the hunt, I was squealing with delight in how the pictures in the dark came out!!

We rounded off the special day with slushies from Sonic.

Happy Easter from us to you!

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Shipley Mommy said...

Sharon Fletcher Bowers Beautiful family!! Happy Easter!!

Jean Miller Beautiful picture! Thanks!!

Cathy Bishop Naff Such a wonderful family!! Happy Easter!!!

Sheryl Pifer Happy Easter to the Shipley family!!

Jeanne Mason Behne Wonderful picture!!

Michelle Smith Happy Easter Guys you all look Very Nice

Candice GeFellers Happy Easter! Great pic!

Ruth Hughes Hoffman Great picture. . . Captures you all beautifully.

Vivienne Smith · 3 mutual friends
Wonderful picture with your beautiful family Garren