Friday, April 10, 2015

Spring Break--Friday

It's been a good week, but clearly the past 3 days have been the kids favorite. Everything is better at Grandma's.

We did some more shopping, and stopped for lunch at Zaxby's which daddy is very jealous they have in Lynchburg and not in Richmond.

Among the prizes received by my kids and purchased by an over-indulgent Grandma was "Wonka."

Wonka was found at Walgreens on Easter clearance for $.50!

Thomas named him Wonka because that is what he named his chocolate bunny from Easter and couldn't eat it (because he named it!!) and so now the stuffed bunny will become "Wonka" and the chocolate bunny can be gobbled up.

And, yes, Thomas named him that. I love it!

It was another cloudy but warm day and many moments were spent in what has now been named "the snuggle chair."

I think I mentioned before that we are getting new furniture.  Well, I offered daddy's old chair to Grandma and surprisingly it fit in the Pilot on the ride down.  While it is much bigger than Grandma, she and the kids are loving that they can share the same sitting space.

Chewey meets Wonka and is reminded to share the bed with Thomas.

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