Saturday, April 11, 2015

Spring Break--Saturuday

Daddy decided to get in on the Spring Break fun on day 6, and he surprised the kids by driving all the way from Virginia Beach to Mechanicsville and then to Lynchburg last night so he could spend the final days of their "vacation" with his kids.

And since we were on a roll with surprises, we took the kids to Putt-Putt this morning!

As the mama, I was happy to be just the photographer while daddy was super happy to be the driver of a cart for himself and Thomas. And our brave girl, she drove her first Go-Kart!  She went to Putt-Putt last summer with me and Thomas and Grandma, but chickened out at the last minute and Grandma had to drive.

Of the three of them, I am not sure whose smile was bigger!!

We popped for a round of mini golf after the Go Kart fun, and the kids both had a great time playing against mommy and daddy. And, while he actually came in last--Thomas got more hole-in-ones than any of us! He was so proud of himself!

After  a morning of family fun, we let the grandparents have the kids back. Daddy and Mommy enjoyed a solo lunch and daddy washed the car (he has priorities people ;)

The afternoon was our "oyster" and the clouds had finally cleared, so we soaked up all the rays we could. And...maybe got a little burned. Oops.

In fact, the sun was so warm that Grandma let the kiddos pull out the water toys and have fun--mostly squirting grandpa off the deck.  And, daddy took advantage of a special Slurpee Day at 7-11 with Gracie.

Another fun filled day in a full filled Spring Break week.

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