Sunday, April 12, 2015

Spring Break--Sunday

Time for goodbyes and time to drive back home. This is always the hardest part of visiting Grandma and Grandpa--and honestly I am not sure which it is harder on.

I actually caught the picture on the right as Thomas said "I'm going to miss you Grandpa," to which his Grandpa replied "I'm going to miss you too buddy."

We divided and conquered the trip back. Thomas rode with daddy in his car, and Gracie and I enjoyed a quiet ride back in the Pilot.

We stopped for lunch at another Lynchburg favorite: Famous Anthony's before we got on the long road home.

I was insistent that we leave at a good time as we had to get all four of us ready for our regular routines on Monday.  And, we made it home by mid-afternoon.

Which gave daddy enough time to bribe the kids to pick dandelions out of the backyard.

Daddy babies his lawn, and hates dandelions.  He has paid the kids twice so far to pick them, and today he pulled $3 cash out of his wallet and offered $2 to the kid who go the most, and $1 to the other.

As you can imagine this lead to a great weed-picking race.

And, unfortunately, it led to our first sting.

Poor Thomas screamed and told me "the flower bit me!!!"

I am not sure if a yellow jacket or bee got him, but something stung my precious.

That did not however keep him from heading back out, more cautiously, to return to the race when it stopped hurting and was bandaged.

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