Thursday, April 09, 2015

Spring Break--Thursday

Day 4 is all about time with Grandma.  Grandpa too, but he has to work, so we will spend most of it with Grandma. And, despite cloudy weather, it is warm enough for us to go out and do stuff.

And, we couldn't go do stuff with out dangles.

Yup, dangles.

Gracie is finally able to wear dangle earrings and she is thrilled.  Daddy let her buy some last weekend, and she waited until our trip to Grandma's to put them in so she could see them.  (The lady at Claire's said she couldn't wear dangles for 6 months after getting her ears pierced, and she has been counting down the days.)

So, besides that excitment, we took in some shopping and errands, and mommy choose the lunch spot.

Now, a few years ago I was super bummed to find out that the Wienie Stand had closed down. I knew there were 3-4 locations, though I only frequented the one closest to our house.  Well, I was told that the original one was still open for business, and I had to see for myself.

So, the kids, grandma and I all got to eat foot-longs at the counter at the Wienie Stand! Hey, it's the small stuff people.

Now Gracie has an amazing memory, but she doesn't remember me taking her, but I did.


Lunch with Mariah & Grandma


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