Sunday, April 26, 2015

Uncle Brian Comes For A Visit

Thomas LOVES his Uncle Brian.

Gracie loves Uncle Brian too, but there is something about those two kindred boy spirits that just adore each other.

Many times, many family members have remarked at just how much Thomas was and is like his Uncle Brian then and now, and let me tell you--you can't argue with that!!

Uncle Brian and Aunt Sweetie (Aunt Dawn ;) came to pick up our old couch for their house, because we finally got new furniture (after 14 years!!) and they stayed and played for a little while.

We don't see these two, and the cousins very often--maybe a handful of times a year, but you wouldn't know it by how they react each time they get together!

 **He's wearing his ear protectors because Uncle Brian was belting out "Let It Go," and he was apparently making a statement about his song ability.**

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