Wednesday, May 06, 2015

ABC's Of Kindergarten: Letter A

Also know as "Chewey Goes To School." (and he was supposed to!)

Today begins the 26 days until the end of Kindergarten, and are awesome teacher has come up with something fun to do each day corresponding to the alphabet.

Today was "A" for animal day.

Well, it wouldn't take that many guesses to figure out who Thomas was going to take with him.

Chewey has been excited all week to go to Kindergarten, you know, and not get in trouble for it.

I asked Mrs. Naff for some pictures of Chewey at school today, and she of course obliged.

I had a few errands to run at the school today, so I figured while I was there I would come in and see what Chewey was up to.

Much to my disappointment, Thomas and Chewey were laying with their heads down on the table and the rest of the class was on the carpet listening to Mrs. Cray.

Mrs. Naff let me in, and I explained I just stopped by for a quick visit and pictures, and she said she wasn't sure what was wrong with Thomas.

Well, since he had been up three times last night and said he was stuffy in the nose, I figured it was his really bad allergies. He fought back tears as he saw me and when I offered to take him home, he jumped at the chance. This is how I knew he wasn't well. He loves school, he loves Mrs. Naff, and he has waited for days for Chewey to get to spend a whole day at school.

At least he got a half day.

Apparently Chewey loved every minute and had a great time!

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