Friday, May 08, 2015

ABC's Of Kindergarten: Letter C

No wait...Strep begins with "S."

Nope, it wasn't a sinus infection like I thought.

Thomas was great all day Thursday, until about 30 minutes after he got off the bus. Suddenly he was cold and shivering, and sure enough he had a 100.1 degree fever.  Now, everything he has been exhibiting with the headaches, stuffy/runny nose and upset stomach (usually snot) is recognized by this mama as another sinus infection--he has had several, so I figured we better get him in to the pediatrician.

Luckily they could take us yesterday  afternoon.

Thursday. It's Strep Chewey!

Not so luckily, the test came back positive for Strep!

So, now we are on antibiotics, we are missing "C" for career day (he was so excited to wear his Tow Truck stuff!!!) and we are hanging out with mama all day. And, I do mean all day because sister is on a special 5th grade field trip to Lurray Caverns and won't be back until 5pm!

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