Sunday, May 03, 2015

Best Teacher Ever

I am sure I have already sung her praises more than enough times on this blog, or on Facebook that you all know how much we Shipley's LOVE Mrs. Naff.

But, I have to sing again, because this lady never ceases to amaze me with her wonderful heart.

So, Thomas missed a day of school last week, and his teacher sent home some make-up work for us to finish and send back.

Clearly, we waited until the last minute, but oh well.

So, as I am helping him go through the papers one by one we get to a page that has no directions.  I asked him about it an he really did attempt to explain, but I did not understand. Something about a word journal.

So, I tell him, its no big deal, we will just send her a note and she can send home the journal if she wants and we will do the work and send it right back.

Apparently, the journal can not come home.

Buy now he is super worked up.  I am sure some of it was because mommy just couldn't understand what he was trying to tell me.  While we had finished the remainder of the work he had gone from frustration to tears. Went went through a whole gamut of "emotions" and "worries" from "I won't be able to get it all done" to "Mrs. Naff is going to be frustrated with me."

Now, I don't think Mrs. Naff has ever been frustrated with Thomas. (He equates that to a verbal "Thomas....!")  And, he agreed that she had never been after he went from "yes, she does" to  "well, sometimes," and then the reality of "I don't want her to be."

I sent him upstairs to the shower and by the time I cleaned up school supplies and got up there I found him in a half-naked pile on my floor sobbing.

He begged me to text Mrs. Naff to explain that he didn't have his word journal.

Being a mama, I did more than that in the explanation.

And, Mrs, Naff, being beyond awesome simply tells me to have him call her when he gets out of the shower.

He yells at me from the shower a few times to see if I have texted her yet, and when I get him dry, brushed, dressed, medicated and in bed I hand him the ipad and he FaceTime's his teacher.

It is Sunday, she has three beautiful children and a husband of her own, time that is meant for herself, and she talks to my son so he can calm down and sleep.  All while riding in the car no less.

Seriously, this woman is teacher of the year material people.

Thank you for loving my son Mrs. Naff, and for always going above and beyond for your students.  And, seriously, I will watch him like a hawk with that ipad--he is far too excited to know how to call you on that thing :)

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