Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Check Ups

While Thomas' day started off well, went pretty well through out the day, and he had an awesome check up--big sister was not so lucky.

So, lets start off with little Mr. Lucky Pants first.

Thomas is 46.5 inches tall, and 49.5 pounds, Both of these numbers put him in the 50-75th percentile. So, not much has changed there.

He rocked his eye test, and he did pretty well on his hearing test. She says there is one pitch he didn't get, but she isn't super worried about that yet and to keep an eye on him.

Other than that, he is super healthy, super chatty, and a super happy big boy.

Now sister....

Gracie is 62.25 inches tall!!  Yes, that's 5'2" at age 11. She remains in the 95-97th percentile for both height and weight--a place she has called home since 3 months old.

Unfortunately Gracie did not "rock" her eye test, and we were told to get her to an optometrist. And to make matters worse, I made a bad and incorrect shot promise!  Again!

You would have thought I would have learned from the last time I did that! I told her "no shots" and she had to have one back at her 7 or 8 year old check up. And for #11, I said "it's just one shot."

Liar liar, pants on fire!

She had to have 4!!  3 boosters and another vaccination!

Yeah, her day was getting rough.

Daddy and I bought her off with some ice cream, but that wasn't about to gloss over the whole " I need braces and NOW glasses for middle school!" shock/emotional pre-teen pain.

Mama could tell that she was really getting herself worked up, so I suggested a trip to the Walmart Eye Center to look at glasses.

I think seeing the different cool options and styles helped ease her mind--at least a little.

Thank you to all of you who praised and complimented her on Facebook this evening. I showed her the comments and it made her "frown turn upside down."

The glasses that she looked at tonight, were not a permanent selection, I have a feeling that her thoughts on the designs will change between now and actually picking them out "for real"

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