Wednesday, May 13, 2015

First Grade

I am not going to blog (i.e do a write-up) about each and every single 26 letters for the end of Kindergarten, although, please note you will get to keep track--trust me.

But, I have to blog about this one.

Thomas was so excited for today. It was "F" for "First Grade." The entire class was so excited to go and visit a first grade classroom today!

I dressed him nice, and sent along "The Night Before First Grade" to share with the class, and apparently Mrs. Naff read it to them all.

And, they didn't just see one class but all 4!

Of course, we can't get too excited knowing that we won't be apart of any of those MES classroom's next year, but first grade is indeed exciting and I plan to keep it that way for our big boy.

**Our awesome Mrs. Naff took some pictures for this mama and texted them to me! I love the kids in front of the door.  She did super well! **

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