Thursday, May 21, 2015

Gracie Gets Glasses

I don't remember much about getting glasses in 4th grade, except I was sure I didn't need them. 

As, a parent, I was surprised at how long this whole process took, so I can only imagine how long it took in 1988.

From "needing them" to actually putting them on her face took more than a week. But, now they are resting very nicely over her eyes, and she is very happy...and quite beautiful.

1 comment:

Shipley Mommy said...

Dawn Renee' Miller That's my beautiful niece !

Jo Kelchner She is beautiful and looks so grown up.

Ruth Hughes Hoffman You know what, Gracie? I think you look really nice with glasses. Sometimes it really changes the way you look, but I think you still look beautiful and you DO look incredibly grown up. Pretty girl. And besides, isn't it nice to be able to see?

Jane Woodson What a pretty and sweet girl!!!

Cheryl Fletcher Shipley Agreed! Beautiful!

Candice GeFellers Always beautiful, inside and out!