Thursday, May 21, 2015

Letter "M" For Maymont

I know a promised I wouldn't do every letter, and I have kept that promise, but there are a few that deserve their own blog post :)

Today was Thomas' 2nd (and last) Kindergarten Field Trip.

And, as it happens is was "M" day, which was perfect, because we went to Maymont!

Thomas was in a group with Bryce, so he was super happy, and all of the kids really seemed to have a great time.

We were actually one of many (I counted at least 2 other schools!) kindergarten groups to have their field trips today, but everyone seemed to manage their time and space and it actually wasn't overwhelming.

We didn't do the entire estate, which I highly recommend if you ever visit Richmond, but the kids didn't care. They loved being outside and getting to explore and be loud and see all the animals.

Of course I took more than a hundred pictures, but I will just share my favorites.

It was a great field trip.  I love that I can do these things with my kids. I am truly blessed to get to stay at home and care for them before and after school, and to get to volunteer and share so much of their special days with them.

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