Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day 2015

I thought about all sorts of ways I could blog about Mother's Day. But, I think I will scrap it all and share these three gems from the day.

1) Mother's Day is not, and will never be, like the Hallmark commercials-- even though you trick yourself into forgetting that the first Saturday night of every May.  And, you will in fact have a harder time with the reality that it is a Sunday like any other, with a special name stuck on it. Messes don't skip it, drama doesn't skip it, rushing doesn't skip it, the usual morning til night hustle and bustle doesn't skip it.

2) Money can't buy a mother's love, no matter what "Kay Jeweler" says.  There is priceless in handmade cards, grilled in the back yard steaks and cookie runs.

3) I am blessed beyond words, even in the exhaustion, chaos, mess, and Sunday morning drama--to be called their mom.

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