Monday, June 01, 2015

Cover Model

Look who made the cover of the yearbook!

Yup, that's my little handsome boy!

Back in March, they sent a permission slip home. He had been choose one of about 20 kids to be photographed for the covers of this year's Yearbook.

And, of course I was hoping he would get it.

Now, I misunderstood and thought the picture would be of one kid, so when I called the school office today after getting an email the the yearbooks were in and was told he was on the cover--I was even more excited.

But, the fact that he shares the cover with other kids, doesn't make mess less giddy.

It did however make me rush to the bank to get $25 cash because I didn't order him a yearbook. In fact, this is the year Gracie finally got one. I don't see the sense in elementary school yearbooks. I think that is something to be saved for middle and high schools. But, I promised Gracie she could get one when she was in 5th grade. And, I kept that promise. 

But, I couldn't not get Thomas one when he is all over the cover!  So, I snagged one of the extras they order every year.

I am one proud mama--of BOTH my beautiful and photogenic children!

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