Sunday, June 21, 2015

Long Hiatus (Too Long)

Our lives are crazy busy, crazy exhausting, crazy stressful, and just plain crazy right now.  But, at least I can breathe--for a few minutes.

I hadn't blogged in over a month. A month! That's 30 days of lost pictures and memories. 

Well, not exactly lost, but not recorded "in the moment."

We truly have a lot on our plates right now, and the end of the school year made our lives even more hectic.

Now, I doubt you have been waiting with waited breath to see and hear what we are doing, but here is how much we had going on.

Gracie got glasses, had a recorder concert, performed the National Anthem at a Squirrel's Game, had a 5th grade fun day (for which I was on the committee and planned), had a not-a-graduation "moving up ceremony," had a break down on the last day of school, learned to love water slides, and continues to tolerate her brother.

Thomas continued to countdown the ABC's of the end of the school year, went on a final field trip with his kindergarten class, had a mini-graduation (that I begged for, planned, and created), made the cover of the MES yearbook, and went to Bible School with Bryce for a week.

And, in addition to carting them to all of these things, I....created, planned & implemented a mini-Kindergarten graduation, handmade 22 felt graduation caps, joined the 5th grade graduation committee and planned and implemented 5th grade fun day, made Gracie a not-a-graduation dress, drove the kids to Grandma's for Memorial Day Weekend, took them to a water park, filled and cleaned up the kiddie pool on the deck 10+ times, attended a Squirrel's game, a recorder concert, a "moving up ceremony," mini-kindergarten graduation, and Bible School finale. I took pictures at school, after school, and every where in between. I created my first diaper cover and filled a 1st birthday order. I went to Paint Night and dinner with Grace, kept everyone as sane as possible, packed boxes, cleaned extra hard for a house showing (at this house!)...and oh so much more.

So, maybe you'll forgive my delay in updating you.  But, most of all that activity is now on the blog and ready for you to view. Of course the pictures and tales only tell of the best parts of each experience.

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