Monday, June 29, 2015

Long Weekend With Grandma

So apparently I didn't take many pictures this extended trip--despite the fact that the "action" never ended.

While, we love visiting Grandma & Grandpa anyway, this trip had more of a "purpose." Uncle Brian had talked me into hosting a yard sale at moms with all of our collective family junk. So, much of the week I spent sorting, carting, hauling and pricing, and sweltering while the kids swam and were spoiled with sugar.

We did okay at the Yard sale. Broke $150, which wasn't bad since the entire morning/early afternoon we battled monsoons!!  We have the worst yard sale luck!  Seriously it down-poured the entire time, and I am thankful Brian brought his 3 canopies.

So, other than getting soaking wet, sweltering hot, and watching the kids swim, those two nasty, pesky drama-educing front teeth of Thomas' FINALLY came out!

Our little toothless wonder some how survived the ordeal. I don't think I can adequately help you visualize Thomas and losing teeth. He is terrified of blood, and he screams louder than any girl and at 2 points in the last 2 weeks, dude hyperventilated. No kidding!  This kid can not handle a lost tooth.



But, they are out now, and the junk is out of the basement, and our Mechanicsville home (at least for the next few weeks) has had a huge makeover. Daddy joined us for 2 days and the kids are already asking when we can go back.

Thanks mom and dad for helping take care of the kids, and for spoiling them. 

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Candice said...

You are so brave to have a yard sale...especially in the rain! I'm so glad the kids enjoyed their time with their grandparents. J would rather go to my parents' house for a sleepover than Dollywood!