Saturday, July 18, 2015

Family Movie Afternoon

The kids love it when daddy has ideas.

And today his idea was a family day at the movies.

Since mama is so cheap, we usually do the movie thing once a year.  But, I guess we broke that rule this year since Gracie and I saw Cinderella while the boys saw Avengers.

Eh, I guess there is room for breaking rules.

We had heard mixed reviews on the Minions movie, but the kids didn't care, and they loved it--and the popcorn we popped for.

**That's my Gracie, so much like her mama! I wasn't a fan of the movie poster for the Minions, and I always snap a picture of the kid or kids outside the movie we saw. (Just go with it people, I mean really, you should not be surprised by a) the fact that I take pictures of the kids in front of movie posters or b) that I found bare animated bottoms in poor taste)--so, she uses her arm to cover the yellow bare bottoms because she found it inappropriate too! Love my girl!**

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Candice said...

J love it. It was cute I suppose, but Inside Out was way better!