Monday, July 20, 2015

One Year Sober's funny because any one who knows me, knows I don't drink. I am so not a fun lady.

But, I have now added "soda's" or "cokes" (as well called all canned drinks) or "soft drinks," however you describe them to my drink no-no's.

About a year ago someone posted one of those charts that often go ignored on Facebook. This one was about what diet drinks do to your body and your organs.  Well, I don't know what clicked, but I figured I could give it a try and give them up.

Doesn't sound hard I am sure.  Of course I drank at least 3 a day and I have never stuck to anything past my almost 15 year marriage and motherhood. I give up.  A lot.  And, sadly, fairly easily and with depressed tears.

So, you can imagine how proud I am that I haven't had a soft drink in 12 months.  Yup, 12 months.

Now, according to "research" and that chart, my life and body should be rejoicing and doing all sorts of things better.

I am not going to lie to you. I did not loose weight. I did not feel better or healthier. But, I was sticking to something. I couldn't just drop it.  So, more than 365 days later I am still soft drink free.  I can't feel any health benefits, but I am sure they are lurking around in there somewhere.  And, hey, did I mention I stuck to something--for a whole year?!!!

Yea Me!!!

PS: The first week was the hardest, mostly from the significant drop in caffine. But, by the end of the month I didn't even miss it.  And, no, I didn't crave it, and I don't now. Actually, I have accidentally sipped one of the kids thinking it was my tea from a drive thru and nearly gagged. I can't even handle the flavor.

PPS: Yes, I seriously cut out my drinking options.  What do I drink? Water or tea (barely sweet now), and occasionally a lemonade.  I never liked milk, juice, sports drinks, or really any thing else to drink. So, I am not a drink snob now, I always was. But, I make do on my 3 life drinking choices.

***For the record, my soft drink of choice was Diet Pepsi and I drank 3 cans, or several cups if I had a 2 liter--per day! I would drink Diet Coke or Diet Dr. Pepper if those were the only choices at a restaurant. **

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Candice said...

Way to go! I quit them years ago after my dentist grilled me and told me they were killing my teeth. Now, I can't stand the thought of one, and I haven't even had a filling in my teeth in a couple years!