Sunday, August 09, 2015

Gender Reveal For Baby Shipley #3

It's a....

I didn't want to ruin the surprise in case you hadn't already seen the video on Facebook.

This afternoon's gender reveal party was everything I wanted, and I had the best time!  (Well, obviously excluding poor Gracie's meltdown).

Grace, being such an awesome friend hosted the party that I threw for myself at her house, and made it super classy and awesome.

She had the sealed envelope since our ultrasound on Tuesday.  I had the technician fill out a pre-made card, and she sealed it with lots of tape.

I lost count of how many people begged Grace to tell her what was inside BEFORE the party.  Clearly people in my life are crazy curious!

 I think I might share all the pictures from our afternoon. It was so perfect!  (well, for all of us but Gracie)


Candice said...

My heart breaks for Gracie, but I'm rejoicing that you are having another baby! This child will be so blessed to have such an amazing family. Gracie and Thomas will be such awesome siblings to him!!! Now, I hope he looks just like Thomas!

Shipley Mommy said...

Irene Hill Awesome congrats!

Sheryl Pifer Congratulations!! I take it Gracie was hoping for a sister!!

Christie Hensley-Bradley Congrats. Bless poor little Gracey, but once he gets here she'll love him.

Meredith Baer Congrats!!! Poor Gracie! I know she will love her new baby brother, though!

Stephanie Larson Cover Congratulations!!

Janice Edmonds Crabill Congraulations Shipley's!

LeShawn Harris Aww a boy, your daughter's reaction is priceless.

Brenda Smith Chapman Congrats everyone!!! Gracie will be good with it!! She is the big sister!

Rich Cooley Congrats!

Jeanne Mason Behne Congratulations!! Tell Gracie she isn't gonna what a little sister getting in her big girl stuff anyway. But a baby brother will just think she is the best!!!

George F. Hoffman Congratulations!!!!!

Heather Woody Snead Congrats!!! And tell Gracie that now she's just the queen over her brothers.

Barbara Miller Shipley Gracie's reaction is hard to watch, and she is still sniffling hours later. She will love him, but right now she is so heartbroken.
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Jamie Wooldridge Gagnon Jill and I just watched this and we're excited it's a boy!! Congrats!

Heather Woody Snead Poor sweet girl. Take her to pick out a very special outfit for new baby brother, just from her. Or a special lovey for him. Give her hugs from us! (BTW can't wait to meet the newest little man!!!)

Amy Halpin Schwartz I'm so happy for you guys! And Tell Gracie carrington knows all abt being the queen bee in a house of boys and it's not so bad;)

Candice GeFellers How exciting!!!! I feel for Gracie though...bless her! BUT tell her that she is the ONLY granddaughter on her Daddy's side of the family!! That's special! J agrees with Gracie though! She is saying, "It's just not fair, and I still hope this baby is a girl! Maybe they are wrong!"

Stephanie Larson Cover Tell Gracie it is very special to be the first and only daughter!! Mommy and Daddy's little girl forever!! heart emoticon I know from experience.

Heather Herbert Stefl ·

Kimberly Sheppard Too cute! Congratulations!

Meredith Terrell Congratulations!!!!!

Tonia Behne Ward Congratulations! I felt the same way when Mom and Dad gave me another brother. But to this day, I am still Dad's favorite so it's all good. smile emoticon

Susan Harper Congratulations...

Andrea Lange Sievewright This is awesome! So happy for you guys!!!!!

Jenny Hienkle McCall Yay !!!!!

Stephanie Kane Congratulations!!

Elizabeth Thompson Sweatman That's awesome!!! I love it!!

Laura W. Lane said...

Yay for another Boy! Congrats!