Friday, August 28, 2015

Mama Goes To Middle School

I went to drop off Gracie's middle school immunization form (proof of), and while I was there and without her, I decided to get a few things cleared up.

First, they are not allowed to wear backpacks in the hall. Backpacks are to be kept in the locker at all times and students are to carry their books from class to class. It was explained to me that there are just too many students in the hall and there is an overcrowding/danger issue with them.

Second, rising 6th graders will get their locker assignments and their combinations to try on Open House next week.  Relief for a nervous new middle school-er!

And, third, 6th graders are NOT allowed to have cell phones during the day.  They are required to leave them in their lockers during the day. I decided to ask about this one after my friend Jill was frustrated with her son's school for telling him and his classmates to use their phones for assignments.  Well, apparently teachers here do have students use their phones for certain assignments as well, but I was reassured that she would not be the only student without a phone and that teachers have computers in the classroom and/or will pair up students with phone carrying ones.

Now, she has a "phone," and by "phone" I mean my old iphone. But, basically it is a glorified MP3 player. I have no desire to turn the phone function on and get my pre-teen tethered to a device that so many of us American's are addicted to.

So, next week is Open House, and her official status as 6th grader will be cemented. Like turning on her phone, I don't know that I will ever be ready for this. Good thing she is. One of us should be.

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