Sunday, August 30, 2015

Puppy Sitting

I wasn't able to stay lonely this week without the kids. The neighbor's up the street went on a 4 day vacation and asked me to take care of their dog.  She is several years old, but tiny, so I call her a puppy.

I was supposed to let "Darkness" out twice a day and make sure she had food and water. But, I'm, a sucker. So, twice a day she came down to my house and got spoiled and petted and played with before heading back to her house.  She may have even been cuddled in the bed since I went and got her when Garren got up in the morning--which is SUPER early for a mama with no kids.

I took several cell phone pics, but she is so dark, and so fast, I only really got one to come out well.

She is precious, and the kids were slightly jealous when I texted them to let them know Darkness was in the house.

Yes, they want a puppy.

No, we are so not getting one! No matter how much Candice begs ;)

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