Friday, September 11, 2015

Boys Go Racin'


Look at mommy's boy!

Well, tonight, he was all his daddy's!

My boys were so excited to go and see the Busch Race tonight.  Garren said Thomas had the time of his life.

Since Jeff Gordon, Thomas' favorite driver, is retiring this year, Garren really wanted to take him to see him race at least once.

Those Sprint Cup races are so packed and so rough, he settled for tonight. Well, imagine his excitement when he found out they could still catch the "big names" qualify for tomorrow's race.

So--Thomas got to watch Jeff Gordon go around the track after all!

And, daddy did an excellent job of capturing the moments from tonight.

I had begged him to take pictures, but he clearly went above and beyond--even capturing a spot I get every year. Way to go daddy!!

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