Friday, September 11, 2015

Bumpy Start To Middle School

It's been a rough week for our Gracie, and I went on FB today and thanked the very many of you who have been so kind to ask how she is doing and if things are getting better.

Gracie is getting older now, and I am more aware that I can't just post anything I want on this blog about her. Not, that I have ever revealed a ton about her on here (well, at least embarrassing stuff--the blog is called "All About Gracie," and more of her life is documented than most kids!), but gone are the days of revealing our daily activities and every time she got a boo-boo, etc. (She is still wanting to kill me when I told her I blogged about her potty training days ;)

So...that being said. I will say it has been a rough transition for Gracie from 5th grade to middle school.  As I mentioned before, MES is the only school in the county that divides it's students between two middle schools. I was that same situation when I was her age. I was in the only elementary school that divided between 2 as well. Half my friends went one way, the other half the other. And just like Gracie, my best friend went to the other middle school.  So, that isn't helping. There are no MES friends in her core classes, and only 1 friend in orchestra. The bus route is different, so there is only 1 friend that rides the bus with her.  Middle school is hard enough, but without someone you know to go through it with you--it is all the harder.

I will end my descriptions there.  I know it will get better and easier despite her reassurance it won't.  With prayers and patience we will make it through yet another adolescent right of passage.

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers for our Gracie.

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