Wednesday, September 23, 2015

First Day Of Fall

What a gorgeous first day of fall we had!

Plus, the big bike race through Richmond this week let the kids have the day off, so we could all enjoy it together.

Now, I can't take credit for the picture perfect day.

I took the pictures--but only after Grace invited us for a park play date.

 I was worried about the massive amounts of traffic and had vowed to stay inside all day.  Clearly, I am so glad we ventured out.

I took my good camera and got great shots!!

After the play date at the park we made an impromptu stop at the Pole Green Produce. Their hay bale maze was set up.  I think they do it every year, but we haven't been since the fall we moved here! Thomas was tiny! 

Not that it isn't fun, but this mama loves fall so much and I cram so much in we can't possibly do it all.

The big kids loved running through the maze, and Gracie loved that she and Emmy found the way out long before the boys.

I made them pose for some awesome pictures before we said our goodbyes.


We took some time to cool off and chill out before enjoying the first fall afternoon outside with our neighbor Cheyenne.

I told the kids to stay outside, that it was too nice to be indoors. Well, you know kids--I think they came inside 100 times! But, I managed to stick to my guns and they made an afternoon of it from bikes to bubbles.

It was a wonderful day, and I am so glad that we were encouraged to take time to soak it up.  This mama loves fall, and the fall weather, and the fall temperatures and all the colors. 

I am one happy lady!

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Candice said...

So glad you guys had a fun day! I love fall, but I'm not looking forward to freezing. I think I'd like fall more in FL!