Tuesday, September 08, 2015

First Day Of First Grade

And he's off.

First day of 1st grade for mommy's getting-to-big boy.

He is excited about his new teacher Mrs. Tapper, but there is some leeriness about today as his best friend Bryce is in another 1st grade class. It's the end of an era. A three-school year era for those boys.

He is proudly sporting the backpack and lunchbox from last year. Who knew a bargain from Marshall's would be such a good investment?!  There was absolutely nothing wrong with it at the end of last year, and he still loves that print.  So, another year less I have to deal with character backpack envy/shotty craftsmanship!  He is also excited about his new shoes. Mamaw & Papaw took both kids school supply/clothes shopping while they were on their week visit there, and this mama (for the first year ever) was more than happy to relinquish the reins of the nightmare that is supply shopping.  Our family has been through the ringer this year and especially this summer and I am truly grateful the grandparents threw themselves on that grenade!

Both kids seemed confident, and then the bus got closer and Cheyenne grabbed Thomas' hand. Couldn't miss the photo opportunity.

Back to school.

He came home sweaty, but happy. He told me he had a great day. Much like last year, I get very little information about his day, but he was smiling and that was all that matters.

Grace texted me not long after and said our boys were able to play together for their entire recess, which made this mama so happy!

He brought home just one paper, and I am not sure if this was a teacher-given assignment or from the guidance counselor (they visit classes once a month and do things like this), but neither-the-less, he is getting better and better at his drawings.

So, thumbs up kind of day for my sweet 6 year old. I'll take it. 

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