Tuesday, September 08, 2015

First Day Of Middle School & 6th Grade

And there goes my big girl!!

I am not sure which one of us is more nervous: her or me!

But, in the end it doesn't matter, because she is the one off to middle school for the first time this morning.

There isn't much I can do but hope I have prepared her well and pray for her. 

She is all set with trendy school supplies and new shoes and a new backpack thanks to Mamaw & Papaw. And, her mommy did make a cheat sheet of everything she needed to know from her locker number to the combination to the times and order of the classes (can you believe the "schedule" they gave her wasn't even in complete order?!!).

The young lady that lives up the street who is starting her first day in high school was sure to tell me that I didn't need to stand with her at the bus stop, but I was sure to remind her that I was staying and "it's a mama thing." Gracie, sure didn't mind me staying and she even hugged me when the bus arrived.

Mama's praying for you sweetheart!


Gracie is home, and Thomas is very thankful. He waited and waited for his big sister to get off the bus this afternoon.  Gracie now gets on the bus 30 minutes later than he does, and gets off more than an hour later than he does.

I think he missed her. :)  Well, I think we both missed her!

Gracie told us she had a good day, but it wasn't long before the list of all things that didn't go so well through out the day came out one by one over the course of the afternoon..

I couldn't do much, but reassure her it would get better--and soon.

Here's hoping I am right!

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