Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Hat Day For Thomas

I'll be honest and tell you I am still not quite sure how this reward system works--but here's what I have figured out:

*Each student in Mrs. Tapper's class receives $1 each day they are well behaved in class. 

*The money is fake and is being used to teach money and addition with money.

*The kids can "buy" something from the "treasure box."

*The items you can buy are not tangible things (i.e. certificates for something fun).

So, Thomas was excited to choose "wear a hat" with the money he had earned over 2 weeks.

I was excited for him, but he says he can only wear it at recess. Part of me wonders if he will even remember! 

Either way, I couldn't help but get a picture of him and his hat and his newly "bought" certificate.

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Candice said...

My students love reward cards! It's an easy and free way for me to reward good behavior!