Saturday, September 05, 2015

Home Depot Love

No one can argue that we won't love our kids, or our traditions, but I think after today you might have a new respect for both.

We have taken Gracie to Home Depot Kids Workshop builds for nearly 6 years, and Thomas has been building for about 3.  We rarely miss the first Saturday of the month, and we are often pleased that those days fall on Saturdays with Grandpa.

So, being Labor Day weekend we were soaking up some extra sleep in hours, and we arrived at our local store a little before 11.  We walked up to the sign in table to be told they were out!  Now, had we known how extra cool the project was, we would have planned to go sooner, but I didn't look it up. 

The kids were very gracious and took the left over projects from months past.  Thomas build his Minions movie scooter, and Gracie found out quickly that screwdrivers weren't out for this week so we wrapped her pieces back up to do at home.

While Thomas was helping daddy with his scooter, I decided to call another Home Depot and see if they had any left.  Well, I was put on hold twice, but daddy was game to drive over and see if we got lucky.

We did!  The one in Glen Allen had plenty left and they were shocked that Mechanicsville was out so soon.

This month's project was super cute. It is a football game, and it comes with wooden footballs, but I totally think I need to make mini beanbags!

Now, in Glen Allen they do the hammering outside. Good for customers, not so good for parents--man was it hot!!!

The kids loved the project, and we were happy that we could continue our tradition.  Gracie is excited to get the final project pin (we think) of 75 before she outgrows the age limit.  She beamed as this little girl walked up to her with amazement with how many she had. She couldn't stop talking to her and telling her she wanted to earn just as many.  It was too cute!

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