Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Kissable Cheeks!

To say that I got an amazing Anniversary preset today is an understatement!!

I wasn't super thrilled that my OB appointment was scheduled for our 15th anniversary, but knowing that Back To School Night was already going to suck it up as well made the point moot.

I knew I was going to get an ultrasound, but I wasn't expecting the new (to me) technician to switch the mode over to 3-d (4-D?) for a few photos!!!  Most pregnant women pay and arm and a leg at specialized places to have this done. And, while I have wanted one for as long as I have known they existed, I didn't get to see this detail with either of my other cuties.

While, I loved watching him on the screen (in color by the way!!), I loved being able to bring home photos of our newest little man to show his daddy.

He has Miller cheeks! Look at those kissable chunky cheeks!

I think this has made everything so much more real, and that much more exciting for all of us.

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