Sunday, September 06, 2015

Last Sunday In K Class

It's his last Sunday in the Preschool-Kindergarten Sunday School class.  And, I guess mine for a while as well.

Thomas has been coming to this classroom after children's time during the 11:15 service since he was 3.  I never put my children in the nursery, and was glad to find there was a class for 3 year olds.

Over the years I got brave and took my turns at teaching his class as well.  Our 11:15 is mostly older folks (and those who associate themselves with older folks--like me!!), so there aren't many kids in his class, or any Sunday School classes during that time.  So, even when I taught the class I had 3-4 kids tops. 

Next Sunday is "Promotion Sunday" and kids/youth eligible to move up to the next level will do so.  And, I think our beloved Mrs. Jo is going to take over Thomas' new class for first graders through 5th grade.

(Gracie would move up to, but we haven't been able to get our shy violet to attend Sunday School or volunteer to be an acolyte or join the youth group now that she is a middle schooler :/)

Thomas of course is excited to move up, and 2 of the other kid from his class attend the 11:15 regularly and will move up with him.

So many big steps.  Everything seems to just be happening all at once. I am still looking for that "pause" button.

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