Thursday, September 03, 2015

Only Shipley At MES

He has the whole school to himself.  He is the only Shipley.

Well, I think he is. I don't think anyone at MES has our last name.  Each child only had to share their elementary school experience with a sibling for one year.  And, that will be the last and only year they will ever be in the same school.

Yes, I find this neat. I had to share almost every year of school with my brother. I always looked forward to "freshman" years in middle and high because he wasn't around!


Thomas has been settled in to first grade.

Ups: Thomas gets to stay in the same school he had for kindergarten

Down: He isn't in 1st grade with Bryce. It will be the first time in 4 years he hasn't shared a classroom with his best friend.

Ups: Mrs. Tapper seems like an enthusiastic teacher.

Down: He won't be in the same section of the school as Mrs. Naff (i.e. he won't see her everyday at some point)

Ups: This was the quickest least stressful meet the teacher night for me at MES. Every year I swear I fill out a novel.  3 papers and 1 fee to pay. That was a record!

Down: His teacher is calling him "Jack." They will both have to get used to that. (That is an added down for kids who go by their middle name).

Ups: Looks like he will have Mr. Bakeman for music, and he loves him!

Down: No Cheyenne or close kindergarten friends from last year in his class. Looks like he is only 1 of 3 Naff graduates. Most of Naff's kids ended up in Houston's class along with Bryce and Cheyenne.

He will have a good year.
He will have a good year.
He will have a good year.
He will have a good year.
He will have a good year.

...and, he looked awesome for meeting his sure-to-be-awesome teacher.

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