Sunday, September 27, 2015

Sara & Ella Come For A Visit

...and Dean too.

What a fun reunion we got to have this afternoon.

Sara and I have been friends since 7th or 8th grade when we were in Girl Scouts together (not the same troop, but we often saw each other at events), and then we got to be better friends when we ended up in the same High School.

You can easily to the math, but that is more than 20 years of friendship, and I love that we are still in touch.  She lives in Chesapeake and I am in Mechanicsville, but thanks to modern technology we can still stay connected.

So, you can imagine I was thrilled that she would be stopping near our house this weekend after a visit with her grandparents.

Thomas and Sara's daughter Ella got to meet a few years back when we went to Maymont for a play date, but Gracie hadn't met her.  Both of my kids were super excited to play with this sweet girl--especially Gracie who planned out all sorts of girly-play time ideas hours before she arrived. Unfortunately for Gracie, Ella wasn't really into all of her ideas, and just wanted to check out all of our toys.

All three kids had a great time, and I thoroughly enjoyed my visit with Sara. (The boys watched football on TV, so I guess they had some sort of happiness there).

I can't believe I didn't take a single picture at the house, but I definitely made up for it when we went to dinner.

I have a feeling Ella keeps Sara and Dean on their toes, but what a precious reason to be exhausted at the end of the day.

Thank you all so much for sharing some time with us! We were so glad to have you and hope you visit again very soon!

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Sara H. said...

Great to see you all. Ella is now calling Thomas "my Thomas" (alternately with "my boy")