Monday, September 07, 2015

The Legend Of The Hugs & Kisses Bag

I have them finished for this school year.

I often post pictures of the "hugs & kisses" bag (or bags) on Facebook or here on the blog, and I get lots of questions about what in the world are they.



Once upon a time when a special little girl named Gracie was 3 and going into her first year of preschool--her mommy was barely holding on to the idea of losing her precious girl even for a few hours a week.  And, knowing that her little girl was painfully shy, she wanted her to know that her mommy was never far away. So, this crafty mama had an idea. She sewed a small fabric bag and pulled a ribbon through the top.  She filled the bag with tissues and told the little girl that she had also filled the bag with hugs and kisses and whenever she felt scared or lonely or she missed her mommy she could reach in and pull out a hug and a kiss to remind her mommy loved her.

Each year after that preschool year the little girl wanted to take and keep a hugs and kisses bag in her backpack "just in case" she needed one.

And, every year since then, her mommy has made her one. Sometimes the little girl picks out the fabric, and sometimes the mommy chooses something special.

When the little girl's baby brother started going to preschool, the mommy made sure to make him a special bag and fill it with hugs and kisses as well.  The little boy didn't need as many of his mommy's kisses from the bag, as he was a very brave boy, but he still wanted them there "just in case."

And, to this day, the mommy still sews a fabric bag for each of her children a day or two before they go back to school for another year away from her so they will always know that their mommy is always with them-- no matter where they are.

The End.


Apparently I didn't take pictures of the finished bags until recently, but they are a yearly hit and both kids want to know where their bag is. And, this mama is happy to oblige!





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