Thursday, September 03, 2015

We Still Love Mrs. Naff

She isn't his teacher any more, but she will always be "our teacher."

Gracie was so thrilled to help Mrs. Naff twice this week get ready for her Kindergarten class. From what I understood Gracie helped organize, dust, sort, laminate, and many other tasks to help get the classroom up and running for next week.

Thomas was super bummed that I wouldn't let him help Mrs. Naff as well, and he wasn't swayed by my explanation that she needed big person help.

Extra hugs when we dropped off and picked Gracie up each day helped though.

We may not be in her classroom this year, but we have claimed her as our own, and we don't plan to let go, probably even when they get to college.  Plus, we have a new Shipley that will just have to be in her class in 6 years.

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