Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Wednesday Night At The Grove

So, I got talked into helping teach the first and second grade class on Wednesday nights at our church. 

We have several sessions throughout the year, and they call them "Wednesday Night At The Grove."

Dinner is served, and then the kids & adults divide up into several classes.

Since I have never brought the kids to Wednesday night classes, nor have I ever attended, I wasn't sure what to expect.

We invited our neighbor Cheyenne along and we enjoyed our fried chicken dinner and then we dropped Gracie off at her middle school class before heading to our classroom.

Now, Thomas and Cheyenne were excited about tonight, but Gracie was less than thrilled that I was making her go.  She is my shy one, and we told her we were going to push her out of her comfort zone. But, to be honest, I really think she needs to be around a group of kids (especially in a church setting) who understand what she is going through right now.

With Thomas & Cheyenne in the class, that brought my total up to 4.  I am not sure if the class size will grow, but the two I brought didn't seem to mind. They enjoyed playing and listening to the lesson and drawing a picture of Moses crossing the Red Sea.

Now, the biggest "miracle" of the Wednesday night evening was picking Gracie up from her classroom.

Apparently there were only 2 of them in the whole class, but she was thrilled. She had a great time and is looking forward to next week and is considering participating with the youth group!

Wow! So, impressed, and so glad I got talked in to helping. See God works in mysterious ways.

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