Sunday, October 18, 2015

Apple Picking 2015

We froze, and we didn't last long in the orchard-but we didn't care!

I could sit and shiver and look at those mountains for ours. This happy lady was "home" and soaking it all in.

But, seriously, we got our apples and sprinted out. 

We did take time for Thomas to ride the cow train. Gracie was super upset that she is officially to big (physically) to ride in the cow cars, but, since she is proud that she is taller than me, you would think she would have been prepared for that. (Nope.)

Now, why would we let Thomas ride and Gracie watch?  Well, she rode every year since she was 4 (that's 7 years), so I think she can let him have more years to enjoy it as well.

I did take pictures, but it was so cold that not many came out to be the perfect ones that I typically get in the orchard each year.

I will be happy with what I have and how much time I got to soak it all in.

And, we didn't leave the area after apples. We stopped in for hot chocolate, made a special surprise for Aunt Ruth & Uncle George who were out of town this weekend, and spent some quality time with our friends the Mozingo's!

A great, great Sunday!

So thankful!

***Yes, there are tons more pictures of Thomas than Gracie. She was freezing and not really enjoying the experience, so I didn't get the chance to take as many pics of her. ***

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