Wednesday, October 28, 2015

First Middle School Field Trip

This is probably going to be it for a while.

Gracie seemed to be over the moon though that I was able to go with her and her orchestra class to Center Stage to hear the Richmond Symphony Orchestra perform.

Actually, besides the ride on the school bus at 8 months pregnant (not fun!!!), it was a relatively easy assignment.

The 30+ kids were fairly good. They were loud on the bus, but middle-schoolers are wonderfully easier to wrangle!

And I really didn't have to chaparone much at all. My job was to handle any kids who hung out around my kid. Easy-peasy.

I have never been to Center Stage. It is downtown in Richmond and it was beautiful! Such an ornate and sophisticated place. I was in awe off all the decor.  But, I managed to focus when the orchestra took stage.

Now, I have spent many years in band (7!) and have listened and appreciated classical music, but I feel very out of the loop. I only recognized one piece and the entire performance was entitled "American Music."

After the concert the kids were allowed to choose their lunch from a restaurant in our Food Lion shopping center. I had to laugh because just like Gracie had been doing all week, most of the kids had been excitedly talking about where they were going to get their lunch.

There are several choices, but Gracie knew she wanted KFC. We never really get that at home as she will never understand the disappointment since she never tasted 1990 KFC chicken. Stupid trans-fat lawsuits!!!

But, I digress.  She loved eating with mommy and sitting with mommy on the bus and at the concert.  She kept remarking all day about how it was a "girls day" at school. I couldn't help but smile, she and I don't seem to connect much any more.  Being a tween is hard, and so is being a tween parent.

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