Thursday, October 29, 2015

Gracie's First Orchestra Concert

It was our turn to sit in the padded seats and listen to our child grow (well in this case start) as a musician.

While we waited, Garren and I had several conversations about how we forced our parents to concerts like this for years while we were in school. Daddy did chorus, and I did band for 7 years and show choir senior year of high school.

And, now we have a better understanding of the "forced happy face" when inside you are cringing at the sound of squeaks.

Tonight's very first orchestra concert for Gracie was a Halloween themed one and all the students were allowed to dress up in a costume.

Gracie could not wait to put on the (over priced!) Rainbow Dash costume Grandma popped for in Lynchburg a few weeks back.

We are very proud of our girl.  It is not easy to learn and instrument, and keep in mind she only picked up her violin in September and they are already on stage less than 2 full months later!

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