Saturday, October 31, 2015

Pumpkin Tradition

We left it to the last minute, but we did finally carve our pumpkins--on Halloween!

Actually, it worked out well. We have had weird hot weather and I am pretty sure they would have rotted before tonight if we did them too early.

Gracie decided to paint hers, and Thomas picked out Peg and Cat from PBS' Peg + Cat.

Note to self: Thomas is still a little too little for pumpkin carving.  Well, maybe too little and too much like his mama! He couldn't stand to make any mistakes and spend most of the time brooding over any little flaw.

Here's where I failed. Gracie did a great job painting her Rainbow Dash pumpkin, but be the time the carving got done we had to rush and get them on the porch and get ready for Trick Or Treating. Well, her's were still wet with paint so they got left on deck and never made it to the steps or in a picture :(

I had found a template I really wanted to do, but since I spent the 2 hours "helping" Thomas do his, I didn't have much time left. But, you know me, I whipped that sucker out fast while the kids got dressed. I'm not super happy with it, but I had to rush and really didn't take my time.

We had fun though (in between bouts of pouts from the littlest master artist), and now that Grandma has my old phone, she was able to FaceTime and watch the kids as they made their pumpkins.

Pumpkins over the years:

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