Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Spaghetti Night At The Grove

I had to share this picture, because it was too cute.

I was the lead teacher again this week, and was quite proud of my lesson on King David.  I had 5 kids, which is about typical each week.

Apparently my group, and Gracie's middle school youth group are the smallest.  Next door the 3-5th graders are bursting at the seems, and the high school youth are well over 10-15 each week.

I don't know about preschool & Kindergarten, but I do know most of those kids are there for dinner, but don't stick around for Bible Study because it is just so late in the evening for little ones. I too often wavered about letting Thomas do Wednesday nights even at Bryce's church, because it really messed with our evening, school night routine. But, I reminded myself--it's once a week.

One child left before I got a picture of all of them in their crowns

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